eko5800 PN10/16/25 аксиальный Насадка обратный клапан

Nozzle Check Valve                  



  • Quick & Dynamic response to the flow changes
  • Silent operation with “Non-Slam” property
  • Enables low level of “Head Loss”
  • Axial movement of disc
  • Long service life, with minimum level of maintenance requirement
  • Light weight disc & spring design projects the piping against sudden “surge”
  • Suitable for horizontal and vertical installations
  • Contoured body-disc diffuser arrangement assures “venturi” flow characteristics ensuring minimal pressure drop
  • The disc is fully closed just before backflow starts
  • Minimized water hammer effect in system
  • Powder epoxy coating in blue
  • Face to face length according to EN 558, Series 14
  • Directional flanged, RF Type. Flanges according to EN 1092-2
  • Tests are performed according to EN 12266-1